Alex Jacob


After finishing my fine art degree, I lived in Rome. Upon my return to the UK, I finally settled in Ilkley. I started teaching whilst working on private commissions the largest of which is a triptych commissioned by Toshiba, London.

I am currently exploring various subjects. The quiet refinement of the classically painted bird, but also the essence of their physical power and movement.

In my landscapes, I am focusing on the changing seasons and weather conditions. Then moving deeper into the landscape I have been working on the rhythms and textures you find as you get closer to the earth.

In short, I am exploring the world around me and endeavouring to express what I see.

I use a wide variety of materials to communicate my physical and emotional response to the world. I delight in exploring the build-up of paint, tactility of collage, freedom of pen and ink and the careful and controlled process of screenprinting to capture the essence of what I want to convey.



T: 07724884773