Anna Tosney

Living and working in Skipton, the Yorkshire Dales has always been very influential. I love to watch the sheep and cows in the fields, the birds in the trees and the farmers and dry-stone-wallers at work.

My inspiration comes from my surroundings. I visit local spots on a regular basis and notice the changes that take place. I never get bored of my favourite fields, hills and trees. They are constantly changing, affected by the time of day, the time of year, by the weather; always beautiful but never the same. I try to capture some of the moments as they pass by and recreate them in my work. Be it an unusual light in the sky, a cheeky glance between a sheep and a bird or a pair of farmers enjoying a chat. These are the things that I take home, and the things that inspire my work.

As a printmaker, I work with a variety of techniques, some of which I like to combine. The majority of my work is done using drypoint, monotype and collagraph printing. I use bold outlines in my work to try to simplify the subject and bring out the essence, rather than the detail of the scene.