Carolyn Hird-Rogers

I am inspired by the dramatic landscape of the Yorkshire countryside and a love of mid 20th century Scandinavian surface pattern design.

The moods of the Dales and Moors are expressed with the colours and textures of the hand inked papers created by mono-printing. These unique papers are cut and collaged to build large landscape images and smaller greeting cards.

The windswept and hill top stands of trees, cow parsley and dandelions are stylised, hand drawn, digitally coloured, printed, hand cut and added to the landscapes. These digital drawings then find there way into strong coloured landscapes on small notecards, beautifully presented in boxed sets of eight.

My work has developed over the past 10 years, from concentrating on telling the story of a local lane through digital drawing of the wild plants and animals, to now considering the whole landscape… raising my eyes from the hedgerows to the dramatic skylines.

T: 07752 023128