Chris Bailey



I have been potting intermittently all my life and ten years ago decided to return to college to do a National Diploma in Design Crafts at Harrogate College. The course offered experience in many materials including metal, textiles and printing in addition to ceramics. I became interested in glass as a result of a design for silk window hangings which were combined with glass and metal. This developed quickly into the fused glass which I have been making over the last eight years. The pieces are made from layers of glass coloured by ceramic enamels. The glass goes through two firings; the first to fuse the glass and the second to slump the glass into a bisque or stainless steel mould.

My work has always been influenced by the colour and movement that can be observed in nature and the elements of earth, air, fire and water. My fascination of water in rock pools and the sea shore has inspired my recent work. I have combined the use of colour, transfers and fine wire to capture the rippling movement, the depth and what lies beneath the surface.