Daniel Hogan

I became interested in pottery after attending a night school course in 2012.

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but pottery quickly became my hobby and passion, maybe even an obsession.

I make functional Stoneware pottery on an electric potter’s wheel and fire my pots in a gas kiln.

I am influenced by traditional Cornish pottery and also Chinese, Korean and Japanese pottery and the pots of the tea ceremony. Working with clay, water and fire to produce quiet and simple pottery.

This makes me happy and serves as my therapy. Lost in the moment as the clay spins of the wheel. I mix my own glazes which are made from natural ingredients, sometimes wood ash from my wood burning stove. Pottery is a slow journey. Chasing illusive pots or glazes.

I like the idea that someone’s favourite cereal bowl or mug is one of mine.

My second passion is Chinese tea. For me Pottery and tea fall hand in hand. Small delicate handle-less teacups and various pouring vessels. A friend of mine jokes with me that my work is craft not art. I’m happy with that. That’s where I see myself and my work.

T: 07980 789223

E: danielhoganpottery@gmail.com