Geraldine Thompson


In portraiture, I aim to capture the essence of the sitter.

Life size oil commissions usually involve preliminary drawings and as many two hour sittings as possible. Commissions have included eminent members of our clergy in Rome, plus distinguished members of our medical and academic worlds.

When it comes to the landscape and its flora and fauna, my inspiration comes from walking, hiking and spending time getting to know and being a part of those more remote areas that I like to revisit, those areas where I can immerse myself in the subject to record the atmosphere and emotional responses through the visual language of colour.

In the studio, recalling those experiences, I work from sketchbook research, plein-air paintings and imagination. Either in oils or mixed media, I enjoy exploring and recording the textural interconnectedness of colour transformed by light.

My local Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, The Lake district and Scotland feature largely.

Work is held in public collections in Leeds diocese, Liverpool archdiocese, The Venerable English College Rome and private collections in Italy, France, Spain, Australia, USA and throughout Great Britain.

I have exhibited in London and northern galleries and hold Open Studio events in my Addingham studio.