Ian Burdall

My name is Ian Burdall. I paint in oils. I mainly concentrate on land and seascapes based around the East coast. My main area of interest and inspiration is between the Humber and Middlesbrough.

I also have a fascination with shipwrecks. I have a series of paintings inspired by photographs from the East Cleveland Image Archive. Further afield I have also painted in Dungeness Kent.The environment suits my style.
I try not to be sentimental in my style and always choose the path less trodden when it comes to painting locations. I mostly paint in my studio from my own photographs which I have also exhibited.

In the past I have exhibited at the Saltaire Arts Trail, the Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage and Art in the Pen Skipton. I have also been accepted for the opens in Leeds and Bradford, the Mercer in Harrogate and the Ferens in Hull. This summer I was selected for the summer big screen exhibition in City Square Bradford by the Not Just Hockney website which also includes my work.

T: 07835 563396

E: vician@btopenworld.com