Jo Dexter

Painting gives me the vehicle through which I can satisfy my most basic human need to be Creative.

Jo uses oils in an experimental way, starting with only a very loose idea, the marks created and her imagination to develop something that is balanced, harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Relying heavily on instinct she tries to keep an open mind throughout the composition. The end product is always a vibrant take on local scenes and landmarks surrounded by expansive sky.

Whilst she has a full and varied career as a professional Opera Singer Jo is also a successful artist with her paintings in many galleries and private collections both locally and internationally.

Her work is increasingly in demand and is an artist to watch for the future.

Paintings for sale at Browns Gallery,  Otley.
Exhibitions include:
Gallery at the Art Shop (solo, Ilkley), Art and Rose (Pocklington), Art of Gold (Horsforth) , TOGS (Otley).