Joanne Tinker

Since before I could pack my own school bag, I’ve been cramming ideas into shoe boxes and pasting trinkets into notebooks. It’s creative hoarding really! But once at art college, my extraordinary textile teacher told us that we could make anything out of the materials we found in our homes, backpacks and litter bins. And so, she gave flight to my stash of dusty butterflies and desiccated paper clips!

Consequently, my work is heavily influenced by the concept of recycling; transforming metal bottle tops, acupuncture tubes, confectionery wrapping,and aluminium cans into something precious, something special. The use of chocolate foil wrappings remains a constant in my work – not because of my love of chocolate – but rather my wholehearted appreciation of the material’s colour, texture, delicacy and strength. Simply, I unwrap one form and recreate another. And then repeat. And repeat.

Joanne’s work is on permanent display at London’s Science Museum, she has exhibited at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition and has work in the collections of New York Museum of Art & Design and White Rabbit in Sydney. Her works have been featured in many newspapers and magazines from The Telegraph to Vogue.

T: 07949 227312