Juliet & Jamie Gutch

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I make mobiles, often in partnership with my husband who works in education. The central theme of our work is balance. The world is held in a state of equilibrium which has led to perfect conditions for life. It is only now that the natural world is at risk that society is coming to appreciate how fragile that balance is and how hard it is to recover it once lost.

Other qualities which make our sculptures relevant to the society we live in are the way in which mobiles explore the notion of freedom within a structure, and how a collective entity has the potential to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Each part of a mobile is integral to the balance of the whole and this underpins our ideas of community, equality and creativity. Mobiles are also unpredictable which makes them engaging as well as calming and they also have the potential to perform a therapeutic function.

My work attempts to sift the shapes of places and feelings. For this exhibition I am exploring the landscape of Ilkley Moor. The poems consider boundary walls with mobiles taking the place of words when words are not adequate.

E: julietgutch@btinternet.com

W: https://julietandjamiegutch.com/