Kathryn Fox


My art practice embraces a range of media and processes, with the current focus being on screen printing and abstraction. All of my work is underpinned by my original and continuing study of language.

My work is self-interrogating and seeks to expand modes of expression, whilst creating a sense of order. In it and through it I can contain contradiction, examine slippages in translation and ultimately find equilibrium. The titles of my works are intended to communicate something of my own understanding, whilst keeping interpretation open. Whether we are makers or viewers, art has the capacity to reveal insights into both our cultural norms and our individual interior worlds. This is what I both seek and offer in my work.

I trained in Fine Art at Leeds and Liverpool and have exhibited and participated in art events locally, nationally and internationally.

You can follow me on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/kathryn_fox_studio/ and see more of my screen prints at https://LeafcyclePrints.etsy.com/

T: 07884 266 381

W: www.kathrynfox.co.uk