Kwan Bevan

I am interested in exploring different materials and techniques to interpret the natural environment. The Yorkshire landscape inspired my latest paintings.

I have created a volume of work by exploring the mixture of water colour and other mediums. Rather than just using water colour on its own, I add agents such as salt and granular medium. I also utilised crayons, oil pastels and acrylic ink. I wanted to exploit these visual effects and use them to convey our visual response to the constantly changing natural environment.

I love my heritage especially its poetry and calligraphy. My western art training introduced me to American Abstract Expressionism. Chinese and Western art share visual similarities, they are both dynamic and lyrical. Their integration remains at the core of my artistic interest – the juxtaposition and contrast of the dynamism of Chinese calligraphy and western gestural abstraction.

I have also created a series of landscape paintings using acrylic and mixed media. I want to push the boundary of using mixed media with acrylic to create a different visual sensation in landscape painting.

My exhibitions include:

Leeds city art Gallery (solo)
Cooper Gallery Barnsley (solo)
South Square Gallery Bradford
Various open art exhibitions