Laura Dawes

I’m a freelance artist living in Ilkley. I’ve been creating video game artwork for 13 years, creating 3D environments and props for games including Oddworld: New Tasty, Sniper Elite V2 and Aliens vs Predator.

Moving to Ilkley and being surrounded by beautiful landscapes reinvigorated my desire to paint. My dog Holly is another big influence on my personal artwork, I find her fascinating to study and the places I walk with her inspire many paintings. I’m keen on working en plein air and urban sketching, but I’m also comfortable working at home from my photographs, often a necessary practicality when I spot a great view while out dog walking.

My favourite traditional media are watercolour, gouache and ink. I also paint digitally using the software Photoshop and a graphics tablet and stylus. The approach I take to painting on the computer is the same as my approach with traditional opaque paint, sketching, blocking in large shapes then refining, paying special attention to value structure.