Laura Hitchcock

My art is a blend of custom portraits and prints, either hand drawn in pen and ink or composed in a mixed media digital/hand drawn combination.

I love the flexibility that the tools I use can offer me, and the quality that they allow me to bestow upon each individual piece. I aim for my work to be simple, subtle and fragile; words not often associated with digital art.
My background is in fine art, having studied Textiles at Goldsmiths, University of London. I now live in Ilkley, with my husband and two young children.

My family have greatly influenced the direction of my art. In this busy time of my life, raising a young family, it is both satisfying and cathartic to take the time out to create something unique and special.

I find beauty in the simplicity of the process. Whether that is just the repetition of mark making or forming imagery out of a mix of singular lines, points that connect, disconnect and then potentially rejoin. Trajectories that build a map both intricate yet simple, some scribbled, some structured, depending on my mood and subject.