Natalia Revoniuk

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“Since childhood, I have a passion to explore the world. Through travelling – the surrounding world.  Through meditation – the inner world.  I visited 82 countries and did hundreds of hours of meditations. And I transfer all this experience to my artworks.”

Hello, my name is Natalia Revonyuk, I am an artist from Ukraine. I work in my own technique, which combines: dot art, sacred geometry, painting, graphics, transformation art, energy art. Also, I use technologies as VR, AR and NFT.

My main project is: The Art of Living is the ability to find and combine knowledge, understanding and feeling of oneself and the world. The ability to live in a state of Love, Prosperity and Contentment.

I am convinced that the world after us must be better than before us.

My artworks were represented in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Italy, Austria, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine. Paintings are in private collections in Finland, USA, Ukraine and Poland.

Looking forward to meet new people in UK and continue my art career here.


P: 07312 025780