Paula Dunn

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I am a landscape painter who works with oils, glazes and cold wax. My work ranges from large scale landscapes on stretched canvas to small works on paper. I’ve painted in response to places I have walked and explored: Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Lake District and Yorkshire where I currently live.

My work is very much influenced by light, colours and textures; I experiment with techniques such as impasto, mark making and developing layers with glazes and cold wax infused with dry pigments.

I paint landscapes inspired by feelings and memories of a place and at a particular point in time. My paintings respond to the weather and other natural forces which have an influence on the landscape.

Recently my work is becoming more abstracted – something I’m aiming for more and more – as I focus more on my memory of a subject and the use of rapid on site sketches. I love to play with combinations of colours, textures and make expressive marks to create mood and atmosphere.