Whitby Jet Set

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Whitby Jet Set is Kathleen Roberts and Steve Fairbourn.

Steve lives in Ilkley and Kathleen in Harrogate, but we spend most of our time on North Yorkshire’s ‘Jurassic Coast’, searching for sea-washed Whitby Jet. Formed from the fossilised remains of the ancestor of the monkey-puzzle tree, Whitby Jet is the hardest and most prized jet in the world and was traded as far back as Neolithic times. Some specimens are found in naturally-pleasing shapes and we simply polish and set them in sterling silver – so they’ve almost been made for us by the North Sea! Others are transformed into beads or cabochons to set into our own designs, often using recycled silver or vintage household items to be as environmentally-responsible as possible.

We are often inspired by the natural world and many of our pieces are unique and not repeated. We also use Baltic amber, another fossilised material, which we cut and polish ourselves.

E: info@whitbyjetset.co.uk

W: www.WhitbyJetSet.co.uk