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I am delighted to offer my support to Ilkley Art Trail (in 2015). I have a great affection for Ilkley and visit as often as I can. The Art Trail is a great aim and one that I thoroughly endorse. It creates opportunities for everyone to easily access new and stimulating art in interesting and unusual venues other than traditional galleries in the town – it’s a magical event!
Kirsty Wark


This is exactly the kind of cultural event that Yorkshire needs. Ilkley Arts has brought people from The Wirral, Gateshead, London, Liverpool and Edinburgh to one event in Ilkley. This has to be great for our local hospitality industries, retailers and for regional artists.

I am so glad to hear that Ilkley Arts will be widening its offer to the region in 2015,16 and 17 to attract even more visitors to our fabulous county and wish them every success for beyond that. I am pleased to support their work!

Gary Verity – Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire
I am delighted to support ILKLEY ARTS in 2015: it has to be a great idea for so many reasons. The existence of this wide reaching community arts event benefits local artists by giving all the participants such a wonderful chance to meet other artists and makers, this is not often possible as they tend to work alone. At the same time the town Trail is an excellent shop window for these artist and makers, an ideal opportunity to meet new buyers and collectors.

As ILKLEY ARTS is committed to high quality art, including much that is new, it will attract a wide audience into the town and this significant extra footfall will be of great benefit to all the traders in the town as well as the artists themselves. I look forward to being part of that audience and I wish ILKLEY ARTS 2015 all the luck in the world.

The Duke of Devonshire








Ilkley Arts is absolutely wonderful. Anything that makes people see and feel more art and be sustained by the arts is hugely to be recommended. I had a magic childhood in 


Ilkley, discovering the treasure trove of the public library, listening to Myra Hess and Clifford Curzon at the Winter Gardens and galloping my pony Willow all over the moor. I know what an inspirational place this is. I have recreated the area so often in my books. I wish Ilkley Arts all the luck in the world.

Jilly Cooper









I am pleased to offer my support to the Ilkley Art trail which brings high quality, locally created art to a wide audience through displays in unexpected and unusual venues throughout the town.

John Roles, Head of Museums and Galleries – Museum Discovery Centre, Leeds









‘The Awards and Projects Committee of Ilkley Parish Council are delighted to support the activities of Ilkley Arts . They bring additional cultural awareness to the town by allowing local and regional participation in both an


enjoyable and rewarding event. We wish you success in 2015 and in future years as Ilkley Arts expands into the future.’


Mike Ridgway, Chairman – Awards and Projects Committee

Ilkley Parish Council








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