Laura Mate

Laura Mate, a fine artist and commercial photographer, has recently returned to her native Yorkshire. Previously Laura worked internationally, including 3 years in Beijing with clients such as Elle Decoration and Rolling Stone magazine, and 10 years in Paris adding brands such as Givenchy to her portfolio. During this time Laura had the opportunity to hold solo and joint exhibitions of her works.

With her artistic vision and skills acquired working with major brands, Laura relishes the commercial challenge of helping smaller independents to find their unique visual identity. The other half of the week is then complimented by her Art practice with no constraints of a client’s brief.

Laura has recently opened the doors to her new studio in one of Ilkley’s Manor House cottages, where this summer she will hold her first solo exhibition back in Yorkshire.

My recent personal projects involve aspects of urban decay, rarely appreciated by the eye, but I capture them through the lens, to preserve the accidental artistry decay brings about. I also purposefully compose still life sets, looking for visual harmony in composition, colour and form. When photographing, I forget everything around me, I’m focused, happy and completely lost in the moment.

T: 07963 466957