Lucy Best-Shaw

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I was born and brought up in Kent, on a farm at the foot of the North Downs surrounded by nature. My mother (a graduate of The Royal College) painted and sculpted in a variety of media, she also taught fine art. She has always been keen to encourage and guide me.

After studying fine art at ‘A’ Level I continued with painting, drawing and sculpture as a hobby for many years, sometimes as part of a group or class whilst bringing up two children and pursuing a career in nursing.

Moving north in 1989 to live in the Calder Valley and then Leeds in 1997 where the contrasts of hills, mills and moorlands of the Pennines, and the parkland walks and Victorian reservoirs and canals of the Leeds area to that of the rolling hills and flat marshes of my childhood continue to fire my imagination.

Since retiring in 2015 I have become a full time artist and recently studying Portraiture with Andres Jaroslavsky in York and am now teaching occasional classes in tonal painting and drawing portraits as well as workshops on Painting Landscapes, Portraiture with a Limited Pallet and Drawing Form.


P: 07932 508209