Alfonsas Paulauskas

From 1970 I spent 4 years at Art College at Teesside and Nottingham. To make a living I went into manufacturing industry but now, 40 years later in my retirement I have decided to get back into Art and take up where I regrettably left off.

I am interested in a disciplined , representational back to basics approach which explores structure, drawing and composition. I enjoy oil paint at the moment because of its richness and flexibility. I am busy doing paintings of friends and models, landscapes including local scenes, and images of which stir long lost memories , i.e. cows lounging by the beck near to where I used to live as a child. Perhaps with a little incongruous element here and there.
The pleasurable adventure is about discovery , enjoyment of where I am, and improvement, learning to look and focus as well as using imagination and skill.

I have exhibited in the Ilkley Open Art Trail previously and at St Margarets Church Hall .