Joe McDermott

My art life started at 40. I just started to draw then kept on going. Having tried and failed to carve out a little studio at home I went on to start (with Gary Winters) Cornmill Art Space on Railway Road, Ilkley. From our studio space we have run various art classes and arts events.

My work starts with drawing what’s in front of me from life. So this might be a life model, someone observed reading, a landscape or just a random collection of domestic objects. I like to use a wide variety of drawing and painting techniques. For life drawing and still life I really like to use a water soluble ink pen with watercolour. I also love to go out and work with my iPad. I’ve done landscapes of Ilkley Moor and the Lake District in this way. I like to do most of the work in situ but then return to the studio to edit the paintings, basically go mad with the colours.

T: 07763780170