Lisa Hinds

I work in pastels, paint and fabric. I draw exclusively from life without the use of photographs. I sketch outside in fields and at the seaside in the summertime.

Two distinctive subject matters: (1) landscapes and seascapes and (2) from imagination. These are the lady paintings and lady collages inspired by movement, colour and textiles. I create the fabric designs by printing which become dresses in motion. Collage prototypes inspire lady paintings on canvas. Collage prototypes are gestural, raw, spontaneous on paper. The winning prototype becomes a large painting on canvas. These paintings take months to finish and can be 2×3 foot to 6×8 foot. Similarly, the pastel sketches done at sea and fields are spontaneous drawings sometimes used as inspiration for land or seascape paintings.

My first career was ballet. I left a professional company in New York City and went to art school for creative writing; there doing a number of performance art pieces and since have gravitated towards collage and painting. When I was at the Corcoran School of Art most of my big work was performance art combining dancing, poetry and music.

I have engaged in collages in urban renewal areas for enhancing the environment.